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 Pogo Remakes Ocarina of Time

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PostSubject: Pogo Remakes Ocarina of Time   Pogo Remakes Ocarina of Time EmptyTue Jan 25, 2011 11:32 pm

Pogo decided to do a remake of the soundtrack to Orcarina of Time and relase it for free on his website (most of his work it free anyway Razz), I personally liked it soo much that im gonna give it all to you guys!My inner child was squealing when I found out that he did it on his homepage, and then fainted when I read hell do it again next year too!

Pogo Remakes Ocarina of Time Zelda-12

And finally , the Link! (oh I made a funny!)

Also , 500th post !
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Pogo Remakes Ocarina of Time
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